Ecological Storm Water Services

Water Finds A Way

Heavy storms and aging infrastructure are increasing storm water impact.

We specialize in basement water diagnostics, surface flows and everything in between. Please see our garden services page for a broad list of related services and note that we often prioritize any basement work for winter time.

Wholistic Approach

During our consultation we will help you understand how water is moving around and what your options are for reducing or eliminating the negative effects. We connect the dots where others only advise on their product.

We take a wholistic approach to trace problems to their source and can recommend low-cost non-invasive remedies if available. We look at basement wall condition, site conditions, patios, soil, gardens, gutters and drains.

Consider all your options and before investing in what are often expensive basement drainage systems.


Start your basement’s path to recovery with a consultation


Our background in natural building, green infrastructure, and stormwater management gives us a unique toolset and knowledge of materials.

We find the source of water and make suggestions for removing or diverting the source of the water through soil infiltration, rain barrels, or responsible piping. We can work with you to create a plan for addressing complex water problems.

Often our water tracing reveals simple repairs needed to gutters or grading. However we do find clogged pipes, old membranes, plumbing leaks, and mortar decay that leads to higher water flows inside the basement. When needed we can install or service sump pumps, footer drains and exterior basement membranes.

Request a consult:

Just send us your name + contact and we will be in touch with a day or two to setup a time to walk through your basement to diagnose the infiltration then around the house to find the sources and review your options.
The cost for our inspection and consultation is $80 and usually takes less than an hour.
Please note we are based out of the east liberty area of Pittsburgh, our service area is about 5 miles from the east liberty center but we do consultations throughout the greater Pittsburgh region and do take further jobs on case by case basis.