Ecological Landscape Services

Ecological Homes

Your home is important to you. We listen to what you want from your landscape and customize our care to meet your needs while enhancing beneficial biological relationships.

What we do


Fourth River Workers Guild provides ecological landscaping services for your home. Successful ecological management reduces the  amount of inputs and labor on a landscape over time. We work with a set of ecological priorities that are meaningful to the Pittsburgh urban ecology. We interpret plants, soil and animals to keep you informed of your landscapes ecological performance and help us better respond to challenges you are dealing with.

Every property we work on gives us an opportunity to steward land for future generations by balancing the needs of landowners, neighborly expectations and the complexity of the local habitat. We use cues to care and well established horticulture techniques that visually communicate your landscape is a healthy human environment while leaving space for other species to co-exist. Being a worker cooperative has taught us thing or two about working together and it helps us be better caretakers of your land.

Whether pruning a hedge or creating an adaptive landscape stewardship plan, our knowledge and experience provides you confidence that your land is a loving environment for those who depend on it.

Our job as caretakers requires us to avoid harmful chemicals, noxious plants and support wildlife habitat. Our daily experience with urban ecology gives us an opportunity to take what generations before us have provided and adapt to the uncertain challenges we are faced with. We are creating urban landscapes for the future with homeowners who want to make an impact they can see.


Adaptive Management

  • Consultations
  • Landscape management plans
  • Reduce long term maintenance
  • Perennial food production
  • Pollinator and habitat goals
  • Wild propagation
  • Integrated learning
  • Institutions and multi stakeholder groups
  • Neighborhood ecology & clusters

Garden & Landscape Upkeep

  • Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly visits
  • Seasonal cleanups
  • Garden bed care
  • Small tree and shrubs
  • Complex native gardens
  • Lawn conversions, repair
  • Backyard certified landscape care


  • Overgrowth
  • Problem areas
  • Bare patches
  • Just looks bad
  • Weeding help
  • Fungus, mold, pests

Getting Started

There are 3 ways to get started: 
Consultation, Garden Support, Service Call

Service call & Cleanups

This is the starting point if you know exactly what you want such as fall cleanup, a tree pruned or an area reigned in. We will either use online photos, pictures your share with us, or a brief site visit to determine the extent of work needed so that we may appropriately schedule our time and resources.

Fall Cleanups

  • Leaf Cleanup
  • Perennial beds tidied and put to rest
  • Plant division and transplants
  • Overgrowth cutback
  • Edging
  • Low gutter clean-out

We are happy to provide free estimates on straight forward jobs. Our fall cleanup work is based out of the Pittsburgh’s east end, we do not do service calls in south Pittsburgh or outlying areas.


This is best if you have questions about a problem area, how to create healthy habitat, stormwater issues or are unsure how to troubleshoot or implement a plan. Our in-person consultations start at $80 for an hours time.

At the consult we can diagnose most issues, answer your questions, provide confidence to move forward, and we are happy to explain what services we could provide, other service providers better suited to your needs, or resources and contacts to get more information.

Occasionally we come across problems that require follow up diagnostics such as soil tests, lab work, or ongoing monitoring and will explain to you and discuss your options.


Garden Support

Garden support is for home owners who either want regular care or would like to make improvements to their landscape. This is a starting point if you are unable to care for the garden how you used to, have recently moved, realize its more work than you expected, or want to make a strong ecological impact on your property.

Start by providing us a brief description of what you are interested in and we will match you with one of our land caretakers to discuss your landscape objectives and whether Fourth River is the right fit. 

We begin our garden support by crafting a management plan that helps us ensure we are meeting your needs and being the best stewards of your land. Our adaptive plans help with both those little decision our caretakers make while working the landscape and long term decisions we make with you to direct the care.