Lawn and Garden Care

Integrated Landscapes

You want someone who cares about sustainable land care. We maintain native landscapes and habitats whether you have a small lawn or large perennial gardens.

Ecosystem Based Landscape Services


Healthy soil provides pathways for plants to communicate, provides vibrant environment for beneficial organisms to combat disease, and balances resources for plants to thrive, so they can do more for themselves.



It is amazing the difference between rich soil and dirt. Its not a matter of pumping more nutrients into the soil, rather caring for plants is about embracing complexity and a web of life that creates, transforms and transports necessary nutrients for the plants to thrive.

Good Looks

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but many of us share a common perspective. A bald spot, dead branch, struggling area or wilting leaves may be the downbeat of a thriving cycle of life, or it is evidence of an overstressed landscape. Context matters and a healthy environment lifts up those that are down and out.

Natural Systems

We don’t often think of the “land” around our house, but that land is constantly producing and working its way back towards its destiny as a Pennsylvania forest. We are intervening to balance the needs of human inhabitants and the thousands of species that co-depend on the health of our land.

Our Service:

Our service begin with an evaluation, soil test and maintenance plan that meets your lands needs and your preferences. We are happy to adjust our regular services to meet your needs.

We can provide weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service. We do not provide regular lawn mowing service.

Each visit is planned based on an annual schedule. The scope of our service includes:

  • Compost Management
  • Seasonal Garden Evaluations
  • Organic Amendments
  • Garden Care
  • Lawn Soil Care
  • Spring Prep
  • Fall Cleanup
  • Pest and Insect Care

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Seasonal Service

We offer spring and fall cleanups and can provide short term help for jump starting, mid-season clean-outs, and vacation upkeep. Please visit our page on Garden Assistance for more information.

Getting Started

1. Inquire about Service

We will setup a time to meet you at your home or property to discuss your needs and what services we can offer. We will provide you a customized quote.

2. Consultation (optional)

We will walk your yard to asses health indicators and answer questions about plant identification, plant location, landscape health, how to integrate with local ecology, and longterm care. We can perform basic soil tests on the spot and will help decipher lab results from soil tests.

3. Choose the care you need

We have a recommended care schedule that works including compost management with all annual contracts. We are also happy to adapt our services to meet you and your homes needs.

4. Monitoring and Upkeep

Regular check-ups helps you keep track of key indicators and seasonal upkeep ensures the natural systems are in order.