Fourth River Workers care for homes in a way that brings people together with local ecology. We are part of a circular economy that is adapting to meet Pittsburgh’s changing needs. 

Our Growth

Fourth River Workers Guild was started in Pittsburgh by a diverse group of builders and landscapers in 2013. We committed at the outset to a worker owned company that is collaborative and practical.

Over the years we have affected close to a hundred properties, improving their fitness and integration with the broader ecosystems.

Join us as we work to care for the land that is Pittsburgh, our home, and home to a creative urban ecology. 

Our job to interpret what the ecology is trying to do and gently blend those natural forces with your desire for care and beauty.

Working Hours

Working hours Monday- Friday: 8:00-4:30

Mailing Address

Fourth River Workers Guild LLC
5519 Broad St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15207
Email: yinz@fourthriver.coop


# PA134051