Healthy Home Services

Fourth River Workers Guild improves our local ecosystems by providing ecological home services to homeowners in the Pittsburgh community.

Our Growth

Fourth River Workers Guild was started in Pittsburgh Pa by a motley group of builders and ecological pioneers in 2013. We committed at the outset to a worker owned company that is collaborative and practical.

Over the years we have affected close to 100 properties, improving their vitality and integration with the broader ecosystems. After building ponds, walls, gardens, clearing invasives, decks, earth plaster, fire pits, reclaimed patios and straw bale sheds we are honing our craft.

In 2019 we began a dedicated service for native lawn and garden care to help our clients keep strong gardens and appropriate ecological habitat.

In 2020 we brought together our experience in residential stormwater management and in building science to offer a comprehensive set of ecological solutions for resilient basement dry outs. We see basement health as a critical part of building upkeep and the health of your family. It is also a relief to not worry about dampness in the house.

We are working to broaden our service area to be able to make a bigger impact. Join us as we work to care for the land that is Pittsburgh, our home, and home to a wild urban ecosystem. 

We believe beauty is an indicator for health and strive to mimic ecological patterns to create healthy places to live and work. 

Working Hours

Working hours Monday- Friday: 8:00-4:30

Mailing Address

Fourth River Workers Guild LLC
5519 Broad St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15207
Email: yinz@fourthriver.coop


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