Vegetable Gardens

If you have always wanted a vegetable garden but are unsure of how to get started, then we are your answer.  We offer vegetable gardens designed to fit your specific space.

Begin with a Consultation

Consultations are $80 and include an hour visit to your yard.  During your consultation, we will determine the best location for growing vegetables based on space available and access to sunlight.  In addition, we will recommend garden size and configuration, as well as which vegetables to grow.  The consultation fee will be credited toward a garden bed installation.

Garden Bed Installation

We install our custom raised garden beds, fill them with high quality soil, and plant them with seasonally appropriate vegetables.  All garden bed installations include an irrigation system.

Maintenance Packages

We have three maintenance packages available for the Gourmet Garden, Agri-pentice, and Urban Farmer. These are based on individual clients' needs and gardening interest.

Gourmet Garden

This package is for families and individuals alike, who value good food and great ingredients. Those who know that a homegrown vegetable tastes better than almost anything you can buy at the local supermarket. This package allows you to enjoy the best quality produce, without all the fuss and time necessary to grow your own. You provide the space and we make sure that your garden is successful. We visit your garden weekly and email garden progress reports.

Cost: $270/ month (if you sign up for the full growing season, April to Nov.)


This package is for those who are interested in getting down and dirty in their backyards, but who need more structured guidance throughout the growing season. Our garden expert will meet with you every two weeks to talk about what needs to be done in the garden and to give lessons on how best to complete these tasks.  This includes 2, 2 hour maintenance sessions/ month.

Cost: $160/ month


Urban Farmer

This package is perfect for those interested and excited about gardening in their own yards, but who need a little help getting started. We will design and install garden beds and give advice and information up front that will help you to be successful throughout the growing season.  We provide individual consultations whenever you need the extra help.  Monthly sessions are recommended but are not required.

Cost: $80/ visit