Nature is home.

At Fourth River Workers Guild we create beautiful systems for the home that provide healthy ways of living and ecological benefits.

Learn how plants and soil work together then build on their strength. Find out how water moves around your property, then get it where you want it. Take a walk through your forest to learn what nature is up to and how you can intervene in positive ways.


Consultations are a great first step regardless of your final needs. We can assist with vegitable garden planning, eco design, land managment, tree care, water management, wood fired ovens.

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Ecological Design

Starting with a questionnaire and site visit we will work to understand your needs and site context. Then we will work with you to develop a plan that meets those needs and sound ecological principles.

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Vegetable Gardens

If you have always wanted a vegetable garden but are unsure of how to get started, then we are your answer. We offer vegetable gardens designed to fit your specific space.

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Land Management

Based on what you want from your land we can survey, explain and craft a plan to make the most of your property, large or small.

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